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Annelise Marclay headshot

no boundaries

no constraints

no preconceptions

it is whatever you see

annelise marclay was born in fribourg, switzerland, and raised in geneva before heading to england as a curious teenager. she never made it back.

her imagery - part photographic, part digital enrichment across a vast and varied range - reflects her passionate determination for freedom in thought, deed and imagination, a characteristic she hopes will be shared by those who are drawn to her work.

she wants them to discover what they wish when they look at an image, without being told and without boundaries, preconceptions or constraints.


it is whatever you see.

so although each image has a title, that might well not be how YOU interpret it. similarly, she will not offer frames or mounts with her work, believing these to be a strictly personal choice.

she hopes you will enjoy viewing these pages. and, should you choose to make a purchase, it will give her great pleasure to know her work will be displayed in your home or office.


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