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concepts 1 by Annelise Marclay
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for annelise, taking a photograph is just the start of a story that develops in her mind, either before or after the photograph is taken. from there she embarks on a journey of exploration through digital enrichment towards a unique finished image – the end of the story.


she can find inspiration anywhere ... from a flower in her garden in dorset or an object on a table to one of the boundless sights she has encountered around the world.


if you like what you see on these pages, limited editions of 25 signed giclée prints in various sizes are available for purchase on carefully selected specialist metallic-finish paper, using archival inks, with

free shipping within the united kingdom. please scroll down to view the full gallery. 

about annelise marclay

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annelise marclay was born in fribourg, switzerland, and raised in geneva before heading to england as a curious teenager. she never made it back.

her imagery - part photographic, part digital enrichment across a vast and varied range - reflects her passionate determination for freedom in thought, deed and imagination, a characteristic she hopes will be shared by those who are drawn to her work.

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